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Reagan’s Grand Strategy

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As the 40th President of the U.S., Reagan offered much to talk about. He is most commonly known for his successful foreign policy triumphs which eased the end of the Cold War and restored American pride and morale. In addition, he is also known for restoring the           “American Dream” after many
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Debate: Should the president have MORE foreign policy authority in regards to terrorism?

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Yes, the president should have more authority: he gave an oath in which he promised to protect, preserve, and defend the constitution of the US. in times of emergency, one single executive command is essential to make a quick decision/action Article II (section 1) establishes president only executive holds exclusive information preemptive self defense: easier to
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Trubowitz- analyzing presidents

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Trubowitz presents a theory of how geopolitical slack combined with a coalition’s preference results into four different types of Presidents: Balancers, Appeasers, Expansionists, and Underreachers. Such a theory is significant when attempting to analyze why a President chose the Grand Strategy he did during his presidency, most importantly, whose interests were at stake. Roosevelt, for
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Trubowitz theory on Reagan

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The Trubowitz theorem, which explains the process in which presidents chose the Grand Strategy they implement during their administration, is directly influenced by two factors: their coalition preference over guns or butter and the level of geopolitical slack. Turbowitz explains how these two factors are vital in determining the final Grand Strategy; furthermore emphasizing how
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