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Reagan the Balancer

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In previous posts, I have been building the case that during the reigning of the Reagan administration; they made decisions that follow Trubowitz’s definition of a “balancer”. In previous posts what a balancer is, and the role they play in foreign policy was defined and explained. This new section will be an analysis of the … Continue reading Reagan the Balancer

‘WWTS” (What Would Trubowitz Say)

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When Reagan entered office 1981, he accepted the “baggage” of the presidency, which at that time were the Cold War and the Iran-Iraq War or as it is more commonly referred to as the “Gulf War”. President Reagan entered into office during a time not of economic chaos, but when the entire world was just waiting to … Continue reading ‘WWTS” (What Would Trubowitz Say)

Guns v. Butter

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Hello again! Today I will be looking at the preferences of the Reagan Administration. When looking at Reagan’s presidency, we start to see the trends of a “balancer”. Now what is a balancer? Why does this matter? When does the title start to play into this post? All marvelous questions. Well first a balancer is … Continue reading Guns v. Butter

Geo Political Slack is so Not Wack

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For this next post I need everyone to look to the stars and remember a better yesterday. Go back into the time of Reagan, and Love not War! Ronald reagan is remembered today as “One of the most ideologically driven candidates in modern history”. Why because during his time in office (1981-1989), because once the … Continue reading Geo Political Slack is so Not Wack