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Was Trubowitz Correct?

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Although Trubowitz’s theory would suggest a simple under reaching strategy as President Eisenhower’s choice, I do not think that this choice is a cookie cutter example of under reaching. Instead, Eisenhower’s grand strategy choice is rather similar to Reagan’s experience … Continue reading

Under reaching

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As mentioned before, the Eisenhower administration was able to enjoy abundant geopolitical slack. Eisenhower took office during the time that the United States first began to become preoccupied with power and security in the global sense. After World War II … Continue reading

Guns or Butter?

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  Trubowitz argues that when a president is elected, their first focus when entering into office is to begin creating policy decisions that will get them re-elected by their coalition. Trubowitz defines coalition’s preferences of policy choices in two different … Continue reading

“I like Ike”

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Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States and the president that followed the Harry Truman administration. He came into office while tensions were high between the Soviet Union and the United States due to post World … Continue reading