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Chapter 5: Why States Under reach

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According to Trubowitz, states under-reach when they have abundant geopolitical slack but their coalition favors butter. He uses Martin Van Buren, Herbert Hoover, and Bill Clinton’s administrations to discuss under reaching. Van Buren (1837-41)- pursue a policy of retrenchment geopolitical slack: because the British were busy dealing with democratic insurgencies in Europe . domestic: economic collapse … Continue reading Chapter 5: Why States Under reach

Chapter 4: When States Expand

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In this chapter Trubowitz discusses the conditions that led states to adopt an expansionist foreign policy. He argues that when state leaders have abundant security and their coalition favors guns, then the expansionist policy is pursued.  Additionally, Trubowitz argues that leaders often times use their foreign policy  to solidify their coalition. He uses the presidential … Continue reading Chapter 4: When States Expand

Trubowitz Chapter 3: Appeasement

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Trubowitz  argues that appeasement as a foreign policy is not a foolish or cowardly  policy , but in fact a very rational one where  your domestic and foreign interests are contradicting. Appeasement is when you try to buy-off your enemy in order for them to leave you alone. Trubowitz uses Washington, Lincoln, and FDR to … Continue reading Trubowitz Chapter 3: Appeasement